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We can help your web traffic gradually grow by the use of a large amount of search engine knowledge and proven tacticts. The DiTucci team is also able to provide traffic analysis reports and help develop traffic patterns with proper server stats. Research and analyze viability of recipricol linking, referring partner or co-brand opportunities for further internet marketing. Make recommendations to marketing team. Research and analyze viability of display advertising and/or sponsorships on targeted websites within your subject matter. Make recommendations accordingly. Assist marketing team in coordinating and maintaining various marketing activities, including but not limited to mail campaigns, lead generation/marketing and more.

Traffic building is our speciality. After researching the category pertaining to the web site we can write guidelines for the designers to use for proper optimization. Optimization is the beginning of a large process including site submission and other techniques we have developed to get useful links in search engines and high traffic directorties. Our extensive knowledge in this field guarantees you links in the popular and useful search engines and web directories.

Strict confidentiality is our first rule. We do not share any of your information with anyone especially your competitors. We will not ever mention your company or web site as we choose to remain as a silent contractor and take your privacy very seriously. At no time will any of your information be shared without your written consent. These strict practices have kept us a valuable resource for our business partners. In these crucial times we all need to know we are safe when we do business. We guarantee your safety when you do business with us.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you found enough information. There is much more information out there for those of you that want to learn to do all of this yourself. We are only here for companies that need professionals. Our clients do not have the time it takes to learn what we have studied for years.

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Our Search Engine Optimization services will enable you to grow useful web traffic. We can install custom traffic scripts or help you decipher your current web logs. Search Engine Optimization is the future of web marketing.

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