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Search Engine Optimization - Quick Overview

Professional Search Engine Optimization is the product of constant study and reading of current online reports, news, search engine reports and web developer forums. You must be sure the information you use is updated or your time will be wasted.

We begin with intensive research in the categories and listings you are interested in. We are constantly learning new techniques and understand how each specific search engine ranks web site pages. It is important to keep updating your information because they change their algorithms often.

All of this information is what we use to help you to properly optimize your web site. We always use updated information when we help you edit your layout, titles, metatags, content and text on your web pages.

After we have optimized your pages, we begin manually submitting your web site to the major search engines and directories. Directory listing may be some of the most important. Many search engines use directory databases. We know what categories will optimize your position in the indexes.

It could take 1-2 months before you see any changes or new traffic and that is normal. Once you do see some changes it is time to study the new results. We use this information to further modify any your pages that need improving.

We constanlty search out the latest information on promoting web sites and studying tracking results. We know about all the different search engines and what changes each has recently made to their ranking systems and algorithms. We are always researching new techniques and using the most effective to obtain better ranking. This information also allows us to understand which techniques no longer work

We have many ways to help you improve your web presence. Ask about our new linking system designed to give you a better page ranking.

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Search Engine Optimization
Our Search Engine Optimization services will enable you to grow useful web traffic. We can install custom traffic scripts or help you decipher your current web logs. Search Engine Optimization is the future of web marketing.

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